40+ Most Notable Big Name Brands that are Using WordPress

Do you want to know which big name brands are using WordPress? One of the common misconceptions about WordPress is that since it is open source, it may not be good enough for big brands. To disprove this myth, we have created a list of most notable big name brands that are using WordPress on their websites.

1. TechCrunch


2. The New Yorker


3. BBC America


4. Bloomberg Professional


5. The Official Star Wars Blog


6. Variety


7. Sony Music


8. MTV News


9. Beyonce


10. PlayStation.Blog


11. Sweden’s Official Website


12. Microsoft News Center


13. Boingo


14. Bata


15. cPanel Blog


16. Quartz


17. Usain Bolt


18. The Walt Disney Company


19. Time Inc.


20. Facebook Newsroom

Continue with the list at www.wpbeginner.com


Dingani Daka

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